Programs and Services for You

Parking Lot Programs

Commuters Students are greeted in various heavy traffic areas with a free beverage, snack and a warm welcome as they travel to class. Parking lot Programs is held during the first week of the fall semester, Commuter Appreciation Week, and on a select week during the spring semester. It occurs during the mornings and evenings. 

Traffic Jamz

Beat the heat of gridlock, congestion and road rage!  Arrive to campus early and join us for complimentary breakfast. Eat breakfast, watch TV and engage in conversation with your campus community! Traffic Jamz takes place during the first week of each semester in the Red Hawk Lounge from 7am-noon.

Happier Hour

Break the ice! Mix and mingle with students and student organizations as we enjoy food, drinks games and each other! The Happier Hour series is designed to facilitate social and cultural interaction amongst members of the Montclair State University community. Happier Hours take place on select wednesdays during common hour from 3-5:30pm.

Chat n' Chew

"Did you watch the latest episode of …?" Spill some tea with Commuter Students as we come together to discuss a variety of current and trending issues that positively and negatively impact our culture. Chat n' Chew is held on select Mondays from 2-3:30pm in the Student Center Rm. 200.

Montclair Mondays

Let's go to the movies… TOGETHER!  Purchase your discounted movie tickets from our Student Government office for $7, and join us as we experience select box office debuts the Monday after opening.  We will attend the first showing after 7pm at the Willowbrook AMC Theatre in Wayne, NJ.  Meet us 15 minutes before show time, in your Red Hawk gear and connect with fellow Montclair State students!

Recess 101

Take a break and go back to the good old days of hopscotch, four square, double dutch and Nintendo. Join CARS and other student organizations in the Red Hawk Nest on select Thursdays from 1-2:30pm as we celebrate our youth and enjoy free concessions.

Themed events

Themed events are events in which Commuter Students celebrate various holidays and occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, Cinco de Mayo and the End of the Year Luau. Themed events are held in the Red Hawk Nest.


So you think you can sing??? Lip sync for your life!  Entertain your peers at Montclair State University's version of karaoke. 

Open House

What's that office next to the cafeteria about?  What exactly is CARS?  Come to the Office of Commuter Student Programs and Services in the Student Center room 200 to find out about what Montclair State University has for Commuter Students. 

Red Hawk Dining Club

So, you've never been to Joe's Crab Shack, Jose Tejas, Toast or Milk?! Join us as we experience new foods and restaurants while developing new friendships beyond our campus. Meals will be subsidized for current Commuter Students only.

Red Hawk Book Club

Leisurely reading reduces stress, improves focus and memory and entertains.  Connect and engage with other students while discussing popular reads and best sellers.


NAMASTE!!! Take a break from the stress of midterms and finals and have a hot drink on us as we transform the Red Hawk Nest into a Commuter Student sanctuary. Enjoy a variety of teas and hot beverages to promote a calm, relaxed state of being. Namaste occurs from 7am-noon the week prior to mid-terms and finals of each semester.

Day Trips

One of the main ingredients in a healthy collegiate experience is a ROAD TRIP!  Journey with other students as we experience other cities and attractions… TOGETHER.

Keepin it Reelz

Its movie night! Bring your friends and yourself down to the Red Hawk Nest and enjoy a free movie and popcorn as you connect with commuter and resident students. Keepin' it Reelz occurs on select mondays from 7-9:30pm.

Game Night

Don't forget to have some fun! Join C.A.R.S. and your fellow commuter students on select Monday evenings from 6-8pm to play your favorite games and to make new friends.

C.A.R.S. General Meetings 

C.A.R.S. general body meetings occur on every second Wednesday from 4-5pm and Thursday from 12-1pm of the month. Meetings are utilized as planning sessions for a variety of events 

that C.A.R.S. sponsors. Meetings are also a way for commuter students to become involved with the campus community by volunteering for the different programs C.A.R.S. Sponsors.

Lunch n' Learn

From time management, relationship building, program development to dressing for success… You asked, now we invite you to come feed your mental and physical appetites as you enjoy a working lunch. Lunch n' Learn occurs on select wednesdays during common hour from 3-5:30pm.

CommUNITY Rocks

CommUNITY rocks is a program held during the spring semester that focuses on campus beautification and community services. Activities include flower planting, rock painting, and a campus clean up. CommUNITY Rocks allows students to give back to their campus community and to interact with fellow students as well.

CARS Drop-In

Do you have questions about your resume or your financial aid options?  Perhaps you want to know more about Parking Services or get assistance from an experienced student leader about how to navigate the academic and social plane.  Maybe you’re a Commuter Student who would like to become a Community Assistant and need to make connections... If so drop into Student Center room 200 to figure it out. Representatives from various administrative offices will visit our office on select days, specifically to service you, the Commuter Student.

Co-sponsored events

Commuter Student Association Resources and Services (CARS) co-sponsors events, programs and services to connect Commuter Students with various academic, athletic, cultural, political, special interest and other student-run organizations on the MSU campus. Additionally, CARS works with University and surrounding community partners such as restaurants to develop and engage Montclair State Students.  If you have suggestions for future collaborations, please let a member of CARS know today!