Meet the Peer Educators

The LGBTQ Center provides undergraduate students with opportunities for leadership development and activism through our Peer Education Program. Our trained Peer Educators are selected each spring to serve as Lavender Leaders or Facilitators for our Drop-In Clubs or Groups. Facilitators lead weekly or monthly groups and provide welcoming environments for LGBTQ+ students to build community, share experiences, and offer/receive support. Lavender Leaders develop and lead small and large-scale educational programs, trainings, and workshops, and act as a Speakers Bureau for the campus on LGBTQ+ issues.

For information on how you can become a Peer Educator, email us at 

Damon - Peer educator

Damon, Facilitator of Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPoC)
Pronouns: he, him, his

I'm a senior at Montclair State majoring in Television Production, with a concentration in Documentary Production. I want to be able to incorporate LGBTQ-related topics into my work because it is something that I'm passionate about. When not at school, you can catch me working at Starbucks.

 Darling - Peer educator

Darling, Facilitator of Men's Group and Q-mmunity
Pronouns: he, him, his

I love movies and music. I also love going to New York City to visit museums and restaurants. Art is the way that we should all communicate because art is the universal language. I'm a psychology major and I'm minoring in public health. 


Emma, Lavender Leader
Pronouns: she, her, hers, they, them, theirs

I'm a senior in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences working towards my B.A. in General Humanities with a concentration in Comparative Mythology and Literature, and a minor in Classics. I recently transferred to Montclair State in the Fall of 2016! I am thrilled to be a Red Hawk, a part of the LGBTQ Center, and a member of the Lavender Leaders here at Montclair State. In addition to my studies in humanities, I work as a Stage Manager for plays/musicals/events and enjoy spending time with my family and pets.


Evan, Lavender Leader
Pronouns: he, him, his, they, them, theirs

I'm a senior at Montclair and this is my second year as a Lavender Leader for the LGBTQ Center. My major is Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies, and I have three minors: Spanish, LGBTQ Studies, and Sociology. I'm is a proud charter Sibling of Theta Delta Sigma Society, Incorporated, Montclair State's gender inclusive and multicultural Greek-letter organization. I love food, Pokémon, Disney and Pixar movies, sleeping, and all types of animals, especially my two dogs: a corgi and a Morkie. Around campus, you can almost always find me in the Student Center cafe with my Siblings or in the LGBTQ Center.


Hector, Lavender Leader
Pronouns: they, them, theirs

I'm a junior at Montclair who is majoring in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies with a minor in Communication Studies. I'm an intersectional feminist and anti-racist activist who hopes to help eradicate all forms of oppression through education and activism. This will be my second year as a Lavender Leader for the LGBTQ Center.


Joanne, Facilitator for Q-Bility
Pronouns: they, them, theirs and she, her, hers

I am a senior thus year at Montclair State University studying Public Relations and minoring in Fashion Studies. After I graduate, I want to move to California to do public relations work for a non-profit organization. I love to paint, draw, write poetry and do photography. In my spare time, I love to travel and do yoga. I am passionate about equity for all living things, including animals, which is why I became vegan. You can find me educating others about that lifestyle.


Mason, Facilitator of Men's Group, Transcending Boundaries, & Aces and Aros
Pronouns: he, him, his

I'm Mason, a Junior majoring in Psychology with an Art and Design minor. I am passionate about creating inclusive spaces wherever I go. I'm also a charter member of Theta Delta Sigma Society, Inc. I enjoy drawing, playing video games, watching Netflix, and drinking coffee. I hopes to go to grad school after graduation and work in Greek Life in the future.


Mia, Facilitator of Beyond Binaries & Coming Out and Questioning Group
Pronouns: she, her, hers

I'm a senior Family and Child Studies major with a concentration in Child Advocacy at Montclair State. This is my third year facilitating drop-in groups at the LGBTQ Center. Upon graduation, I hope to advocate for LGBTQ youth, families, and children!

 Rayne Rayne, Facilitator of Fabulous and Big (FAB) and Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPoC)
Pronouns: he, him, his

I'm Rayne. I'm a meme queen, gender non-conforming, queer they. I love Mariah Carey and Beyonce. I am also an artist of sorts, drawing and writing stories are my main muses. I am a sibling of Theta Delta Sigma and a Family Child Studies major, with a concentration in Family Services and a minor in Art and Design. I have many aspirations and goals, but as long as I'm happy and healthy, I'm fine with wherever I end up.

Sara, Facilitator of Fabulous and Big (FAB) and Aces and Aros
Pronouns: they, them, theirs, she, her, hers

I'm Sara, and I also go by Meatboy. I'm excited to returning to the LGBTQ Center for another year! I'm a junior majoring in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies and minoring in LGBTQ Studies, with hopes to one day work in higher education. Outside of the Center, I'm a transcendent Sibling of Theta Delta Sigma Society, Inc. and the Resident Assistant for Stonewall Suites! I'm a proud brown person, fat babe, who's very passionate about Google Calendars. I'm a MAJOR lover of mac & cheese and pugs. If I'm not in the center (which I am the majority of the time!), you can probably find me hanging out in the Student Center Cafe with my Sibs or at the front desk in Dinallo.