Mission Statement

Vision Statement

To enhance the University experience by creating a student focused environment.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Student Development Campus Life is to support and enhance the educational mission of Montclair State University and to assist students in reaching their goals. Division staff works in a cooperative-relationship with faculty, staff, and students to provide a safe and secure environment that fosters the intellectual, psychological, physical, social and career development of students.

In order to help achieve these goals, the Student Development & Campus Life staff will:

  • Identify and attract students who will benefit from Montclair State University programs and contribute to the diversity of the educational, social, and cultural environment of the campus.
  • Provide new students with experiences that will make the transition to our campus a positive learning experience.
  • Provide student services and programs that will facilitate academic success personal growth and global awareness.
  • Encourage student participation in both on and off campus activities that will help build an appreciation of cultural diversity and expression, communications skills, leadership skills, civic responsibility, self-discipline, self-understanding, self-confidence, and a set of personal and professional goals and values.
  • Promote student/faculty/staff interaction as a means of improving the quality of campus life in a safe and secure learning environment.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of activities, programs, and services in meeting students' needs and develop ways to improve them.


In support of this mission, the members of the division of Student Development & Campus Life will pursue the following goals:

  •  Provide greater access to services through web-based technology.
  •  Expand efforts at enlivening and enhancing campus life.
  •  Lead the Enrollment Management movement and the University's subsequent growth through thoughtful and strategic planning.
  •  Assess division resources in order to determine current and future needs.
  •  Educate the campus and external community about our purposes and services.
  •  Encourage technological literacy and provide access and opportunities for its proper utilization.
  •  Provide experiences that will help students to think critically and make effective and socially responsible decisions and lifestyle choices.
  •  Increase collaboration between curricular and co-curricular departments to provide a solid foundation for the integration of student learning models and activities.
  •  Provide professional development opportunities for staff.