Adult Success Programs Scholarships

The Adult Learner Program administers the Ralph P. LaSalle Scholarship, Sanford R. Radner, and the Helen M. Purcell Scholarship which are awarded by the Montclair State University Foundation for one academic year (fall/spring). The Montclair State University Foundation supports the activities of the University in many ways. Through its endowments, the Foundation has made funds available for scholarships to adult students. A limited number of scholarships are offered each year to qualified students admitted through the Adult Learning program.

The Adult Learner Scholarships are available to all currently enrolled and qualified Adult Learners at Montclair State University. Applications must be submitted directly to the Office for Adult Learning by  March 20 at 4:30 pm to be considered for awards for the following academic year. To be eligible to receive the award, students must be accepted and enrolled at Montclair State University. Please refer to the information below for the selection criteria and award amounts for each scholarship. Recipients must maintain a minimum of a 2.75 grade point average each semester of the award.

Ralph P. LaSalle Scholarship
Award: $200/year ($100 per semester)
• Part-time student
• 50 years or over
• Enrolled in a degree program

Sanford R. Radner Scholarship
Award: $1000/year ($500 per semester)
• Part-time/Full-time student
• Minimum of 3 credits fulfilled in evening courses (5:30pm and after)
• Enrolled in a degree program

Helen M. Purcell Scholarship
Award: $500/year ($250 per semester)
• Female, part-time student
• 35 years or over
• Employed at least 25 hours per week*
• At least a 3.25 GPA from MSU


Please download the Adult Learner Scholarship Application AY 2018 to apply.