Program Information

Important Information for Students

Participating in Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver Program


Student Accounts Information

  • The waiver you are eligible for is for tuition only.  Students are responsible for ALL mandatory fees.  This includes but is not limited to:
    • Student Fees
    • Global/SBUS (School of Business Fees) – Mainly associated with MBA students
    • Senior Citizen/Older Adult Registration fee of $40 per semester
    • Full payment for courses must be remitted to the Student Accounts office (located in College Hall) within one week of registering for classes.  Failure to pay balance in a timely fashion may result in a non-refundable late fee. This fee is currently $150 and is subject to change.
    • Students that withdraw after the 100% Add/Drop period will have their waiver retracted and will be fully responsible for the withdrawn course and all costs associated with it (full tuition and fees).
    • A tuition waiver must be submitted to the Student Accounts office within 2 business days of registering for a class via WESS. Waivers will be sent to the Student Accounts office by ASRP.  Students registering at the Registration event will have their waivers sent to Student Accounts automatically. Students registering on their own must inform ASRP so their waivers can be sent to Student Accounts.  All waivers will be sent electronically.  No waivers will be accepted late.

Registrar Information

  • Students must adhere to the University’s course withdraw policy and calendar. This information can be found on the Registrar’s webpage (
  • Students that register for classes prior to the authorized Senior Citizen registration date each semester will not be eligible to receive a tuition waiver for any class(s) enrolled.

Advising Information

  • Students must inform the Coordinator of Academic Success (Senior Citizen program coordinator) that they have registered for a class within 1 business day of registration. This will ensure that their waiver will be sent to the Student Accounts office in a timely manner.
  • No waivers will be issued for classes after the add/drop period ends unless the class is a mid-semester starting class. 
  • Students must obtain permits from the respective academic department(s) prior to the OLA registration date. ASRP advisors are not responsible for contacting offices to obtain permits for students.  (
  • Students must come to each Senior Citizen registration event with the course number(s) and section(s) of the course(s) they wish to enroll in.  Advisors cannot find classes with just the name of the course and/or call number.
  • Students wishing to audit a class must complete the audit form at the time of registering for that class.  Once that form is completed it will be sent to the Registrar’s Office. We cannot reverse the decision to audit a class or complete an audit form at a later date.  The level of work that needs to be completed by a student auditing is subject to the Professor in the course.