Pre-College Summer Program (PCSP)

Montclair State University is fully committed to ensuring that all of our student entrants begin their academic career fully prepared for college level reading and mathematics courses. All entering students who are not exempt from basic skills reading and mathematics assessment must complete the Montclair State University Placement Test (MSUPT).

The Pre-College Summer Program (PCSP) was established to provide students who are identified as needing developmental instruction as per their MSUPT results, with a comprehensive and affordable learning experience, via an intensive 6 week summer program.

The University offers the Pre-College Summer Program (PCSP) as a 6-week experience. During the PCSP, students are able to complete READ 099 and/or MATH 071 course. Students enrolled in this program receive hands-on attention from faculty and highly trained tutors in both college level reading and mathematics. The PCSP prepares our students for a positive and successful college experience in the fall.