Course Descriptions

READ 099 - Precollege Reading

Focuses on acquiring academic literacy skills and practices. This course teaches analytical and critical reading, research skills, lecture and note taking, discussion techniques, analytical writing, presentation, and peer feedback and critique. Students will become familiar with a range of text types and participate in inquiry learning using multimedia resources. Credit not usable toward graduation. This course is offered as Pass/No Credit only. 3 hours lecture.

MATH 071 - Basic Skills Mathematics-Precollege Algebra

Review of elementary algebra, including fundamental algebraic processes, linear and quadratic equations, graphing, word problems, and applications. This course is offered as Pass/No-Credit only. Lecture, individual and small group tutoring held in the Red Hawk Mathematics Learning Center (RHMLC). 3 semester hours. Credit not useable for  graduation. 1 hour lecture, 2.5 hours lab.