The Journey

The journey with STEER begins with a scheduled exploratory meeting with a member of the ASRP advising team. It is essential that you meet with us to discuss your experience up until this point, and more importantly, talk with us about how you'd like to shape the journey ahead.

After the first exploratory meeting, our advising team member will craft a personalized STEER road map (advising plan) which will help to guide your follow-up meetings throughout the semester ahead. Please note: to receive the full benefit of the STEER experience, we recommend that participants commit to at least a minimum of 3 meetings. Each follow-up meeting will be designed to explore:

  1. Setting a plan - documenting specific goals (academic, personal, professional) for the semester ahead
  2. Taking initiative - identifying the steps and tasks required to help move you closer to reaching your goals
  3. Embracing transition - exploring the many points of contact on campus; building a network of resources to support you
  4. Escaping obstacles - acknowledging the roadblocks standing between you and success and developing a plan to address them
  5. Reaching success - embracing the feeling of accomplishment; reflecting on the hardwork and effort it took to get there