Peer Success Advisors (PSA)

Whenever the road ahead darkens, a Peer is here to shed some light.

The ASRP is proud to have a dedicated group of student leaders - Peer Success Advisors (PSA) - on our team. Our PSA's were selected for their high energy, their creativity, their knowledge of University policies/procedures, their "can do" spirit and most importantly, their desire to lend a hand to their fellow students. The PSA team is here to support you in reaching your academic goals.

The PSA's host office hours every day in the ASRP office. They welcome upperclassmen and new transfer students to come by to:

  • say "hello"
  • ask questions
  • talk with them about questions/concerns
  • discuss upcoming registration plans

Please scroll down to learn more about each of our PSA team members. Stop in to visit them in Webster Hall and find out how peer support can help your journey towards graduation.