Lead Time for Scheduling

 Lead Time
 University Police
 2 weeks
 1 day
 MSU Police,
Crowd & Traffic Control
 SC Media
 1 week
 1 day
 PA System, Overhead Projectors, Easels
 Dining Services
 10 business days
 3 business days
 Bag lunches, refreshments,
Coffee, Buffet, Dinner set ups

Technology Solutions Center

 2 weeks
 2 days
 Variety of AV services,
Portable sound system
 Athletic Facilities
2 weeks
 2 days
 Score clock operator,
Lifeguard, site manager
 Memorial Auditorium
 1 month
 1 week
 All tech. and design services, House Managers
University Maintenance
 2 weeks
 2 days
 Tables & chairs, garbage cans.
Set up, clean up
 1-2 weeks
 1 day
 Room reservations, table requests

Note: All of the above services must be reserved through the Scheduling Office. All changes/cancellations to existing service contracts must also be arranged through the Scheduling Office.

Outside vendors of media equipment (e.g. D.J., Sound and Lighting Co., VCR taping) must be indicated on the facility contract and approved by Office of Student Center Administration and the Center for Student Involvement prior to their use during student programming. The Scheduling Office must be informed of the AC power needs. Similar needs during departmental programs and conferences will be handled by the Scheduling Office.