Media Equipment

The Student Center has a limited supply of media equipment. Our scope of service includes both in-house and portable public address systems, overhead projectors, portable screens and, in a few rooms, tape playback or radio. Please speak with the Scheduling Office for specific information. In-house PA sound systems are available in the following meeting rooms:

  • Ballrooms and Formal Dining Room on the SC 2nd floor
  • 411-14 and 419 on the 4th floor
  • Rathskeller on 1st floor

TV/VCRs are installed in rooms 411, 417, and 419.

Use of Student Center media equipment is provided on a set up and drop off basis. There is no assigned media technician to operate the equipment. The group/user is responsible for the condition and return of the equipment contracted. It is expected that the contract representative notify the Student Center staff at either the Information Desk or Main Office when they have any questions and/or when they are done.

Contact IT in University Hall for all other audio-visual materials, equipment and services (See Lead Time for Scheduling).

You must notify the Scheduling Office two weeks in advance to contract any of the services for use in the Student Center.