Usage of Rooms and Facilities

All use of Student Center facilities must be contracted through the Scheduling Office at (973) 655-4411. Special requests in setups, electrical requirements, storage, decorating and structural requirements are under the responsibility of the Student Center professional staff. All such request must be channeled through and approved by the Scheduling Office.

The Student Center is equipped to handle meetings, small gatherings and special programs. The Student Center is not conducive to the needs of large concerts or similar activities. Light shows and activities with specific electrical requirements may not be possible.

Users are advised to plan well in advance so they can ask questions and consult with our staff. This way we will avoid disappointments. For the safety of the individuals involved, we ask that you observe the following: 

  • 1. Groups/Organizations are not to change or alter setups. All fire exits, doors and hallways must remain clear of obstructions. Do not move any furniture or equipment without permission from the Student Center staff. Contact the Student Center main office during the daytime and the Program Coordinator in the evening for any problems. Maintenance will not respond to your request without SC Staff approval.
  • 2. Electrical cords (including sound system) and equipment must meet building and safety codes. Student Center staff can advise you on what is a violation or a hazard (i.e. hanging things from ceilings, loose wires). Any group wishing to bring their own equipment must stipulate such in the contract with Scheduling Office.
  • 3. Each room has a maximum capacity for safe use. Student Center staff will advise you as to the specific numbers for each room. (Please see the Room Capacity Chart under Planning an Event)
  • 4. Decorating of rooms (See Decorating Policy) must be done according to University's Posting Regulations. All displays must come down at the conclusion of the event. Tables and chairs must not be used for standing on. Nothing may be nailed, pasted or leaned on the windows, doors or walls. Bulletin boards, easels and ladders can be provided upon request.
  • 5. For health and safety reasons, some areas may not be accessible during scheduled extermination.
  • 6. The Daily Activity Schedule sheet provided by the Scheduling Office lists start and adjournment times of events
  • 7. Extensions on hours of operation or programs must be worked out ahead of time (during the room reservation process). We require at least a month's notice to consider an extension of hours request. Impromptu or last minute requests are at the discretion of SC staff and may be denied especially if they involve the program ending and/or building closing time.
  • 8. All deliveries/pick-ups are to be made at the loading dock. No motor vehicles of any kind are to be driven across the Student Center Mall tile, patio, or grounds surrounding the Student Center.
  • 9. It is the Student Center policy that all rooms not in use are to remain locked.
  • 10. If an event results in damage to the facility (to include room, corridors, and lavatories) or the need for excessive clean up by Student Center staff, additional fees may be charged to the sponsoring organization to cover the costs of repairs or cleaning. Scheduling privileges may be suspended.
  • 11. An organization scheduling an event/program must designate a chairperson for the event who will act as the contact person and whose name appears on the room reservation form. The contact person must be present at the event, and be responsible for the group for any and all financial obligations which may result from the event. Should these obligations not be met, referral to appropriate administrative offices will be made. Changes to original arrangements can only be requested by the chair/contact person.
  • 12. When the sponsor of an event finds it necessary to cancel a reservation for a room in the Student Center, it is expected that he/she will notify the Scheduling Office immediately. A fee for services may be assessed, if the reservation is canceled with less than 24 hours notice. (Please see Lead Time for Scheduling under Planning an Event.)
  • 13. Public areas of the Student Center are not usually available for scheduling and may not be used by any organized group for meetings or other group activities without specific prior approval by the Scheduling Office.
  • 14. Food and beverages for a meeting or an event (See Food Policy) may not be brought into the Student Center without prior written approval from the Scheduling Office, (973) 655-4411.
  • 15. All operations schedules are subject to change according to the Student Center and Daily Activities schedule. Closing procedure begins one half hour prior to announced closing hours. No groups or persons may remain in the building after closing.
  • 16. Student Center security regulations necessitate that all doors with windows remain clear for external viewing during building patrols, and for emergency egress purposes.
  • 17. Bicycles, skateboarding, rollerblading, ball playing are not permitted in the Student Center and Annex.
  • 18. The loading dock parking area may be used only for the unloading and loading purposes of approved and contracted activity. Short term metered parking is availble behind the Student Center.
  • 19. Regarding lockouts, all persons who need to have admittance to an area will have a key. Therefore, it is not Student Center policy to admit persons locked out of an office. Student groups must contact the Student Government Association; they have keys to all student organization offices.
  • 20. Painting and construction (e.g. use of power tools) are governed by certain safety codes. For specific details and permission, contact the Director of the Student Center.
  • 21. Montclair State University does not encourage the use of alcoholic beverages by students. Hence, the Student Center observes a no alcohol policy for events scheduled by students.
  • 22. The organization is responsible for the return and good condition of all property reserved through the Student Center contract. The user must comply with all regulations of the University and the laws of the State of New Jersey. Service charges are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances or changes in the program.
  • 23. Any group scheduling space in the Student Center is expected to leave the facility in the same condition it was found. This is to include responsibility for surface cleaning after the event, removal of trash items, decorations, signs, advertisements, bottles, etc. from the room scheduled and from the hallway or other parts of the building which may be affected. Trash cans will be provided.