Resources for Students

Community Service Info Packet

For detailed instructions, please download and review the Community Service Packet.  Here you will find step-by-step guides on "How to Find and Schedule Community Service", "How to Record Community Service", and "How to Add Community Service to Your Co-Curricular Transcript", as well as sample completed Service Hour Log forms and explanation of what to expect when volunteering.

Service Hour Log Forms

It is important to keep an accurate record of all your community service hours. This information is important for many reasons. For example, volunteering is a great way to build professional experience, and being able to market the skills and the experiences you've gained is invaluable. By maintaining a volunteer log with the Volunteer Center, you will be able to report your service hours when applying for an internship or job.

It is important that you submit your completed Service Hour Logs to Volunteer Coordinator at the VC for reporting purposes at the end of each month.  If you do not verify your community service hours with this log by having it signed by the volunteer supervisor and submitting it to (or to the Volunteer Center - Student Center Annex, room 104J), your participation will not be added to HawkSync and will not appear on your co-curricular transcript.

Additional Resources

Looking for volunteer opportunities outside of the Montclair area? Try these resources:



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