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VP Welcome – Dr. Dawn Meza Soufleris

Dr. Dawn Meza Soufleris

Welcome (back) Red Hawk Family!

I am very excited to welcome many of our first- and second-year undergraduate students to campus to join their graduate and undergraduate peers. As you begin this semester, I want you to know that all of us in the division of Student Development and Campus Life (SDCL) believe in you and want you to succeed! Our division offers services, support and resources that are available to all of you. Our goal is to provide a learning environment that supports your overall academic success and personal growth, so you are ready to take on the world after graduation!

SDCL is committed to providing our students with a variety of support services, engagement opportunities and resources that will enhance your time here at Montclair State University. Below is a list of those offices/programs that are available for all students while enrolled at Montclair State University.

Holistic Wellness

Your health and well-being are of utmost importance while you are at Montclair State University. Our Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) , University Health Center, Campus Recreation and Health Promotion services are among the many offices that are focused on student mental and physical wellness. Our Dean of Students Office also offers support and advocacy for our students. Our Disability Resource Center assists students in receiving the accommodations and services necessary to equalize access. The Office of Veteran and Military Resources provides current Military Affiliated students with the tools they need to succeed. Montclair State’s University Police Department and Emergency Medical Services (including student EMT’s) are here round the clock to ensure that our campus is safe, well and secure for all of our Montclair State University community members.

Campus Inclusion

The offices that make up our Office for Social Justice and Diversity, LGBTQ+ Center, Multicultural Center, the Center for Faith and Spirituality and the Women’s Center) are here to help students find community at Montclair State and provide education and training for students on issues of race, equity and social justice.

Student Engagement and Involvement

The Center for Student Involvement (CSI), provides inordinate opportunities for students to engage in a variety of clubs, organizations, Greek Life and volunteer work. Our Commuter Life office fosters full student engagement activities and resources for our large commuter student population. Departments such as Residence Life and the Center for Leadership and Engagement, have pathways for student involvement throughout the year. Our renown Center for Intercollegiate Athletics provides student athletes with a Division III playing experience and our student community with athletic opportunities to come cheer on fellow students and show their Red Hawk Pride! And within Student Communications, Montclair State University students can get involved with our Hawk Squad, our school-spirited student leadership team, our Team Rocky, which is our beloved school mascot and our social media campaigns that are created by our own students.

Campus Business Services

Our SDCL division offers dining and retail services for all members of our campus community as well as visitors to Montclair State University including:

Additional Support Services

To ensure all of our Red Hawks have the support and resources they need to be successful Montclair State University students, SDCL provides other critical resources for campus community, including:

  • The Red Hawk Pantry which assists our students with food-insecurities.
  • Rocky’s Closet which features professional clothing that students can access.
  • The Red Hawk Recovery Program which fosters an inclusive, affirming, community for students to maintain their recovery from alcohol and drug abuse.
  • MSU Cares, a website that provides students with options when they are feeling alone, stressed or in need of assistance.

At Montclair State University, we are a community that looks out for one another and takes care of each other. Our SDCL team is here to provide you support, a sense of belonging, growth and development opportunities and resources that will help you reach your goal of graduation! Please reach out for help and assistance when you need it. Connect and engage with our team and offer support to your fellow Red Hawks! You have landed in the right place–Welcome Home!

Have a wonderful, safe and successful year at Montclair State! Go Red Hawks!


“Dr. S”
Dawn Meza Soufleris, PhD
Vice President for Student Development & Campus Life
Montclair State University