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Picture of Ernst Lozin

Ernst Lozin
Ernst Lozin is a senior at Montclair State University, majoring in Sports Marketing, with a concentration in Events Tourism. He is also a Realtor at Weichert and an active member of numerous programs aiming to make the world a better place. Mr. Lozin is the Founder and President of TheLozinFoundation aimed to spread love and positivity in the community. He is determined to make MSU more accessible to our students. He wants to base his administration’s attention to the marginalized students to ultimately create a space where everyone can thrive. He seeks to make sure every student feels considered, regardless of disability, age, gender, sexuality, and the role they play in the campus community. He plans to create and source ways to fund academic endeavors and to facilitate a sustainable movement, so the campus community can alleviate our carbon footprint on our environment. The only footprint he desires to leave on this institution is the administration’s legacy and commitment to a “students-first” collegiate experience. Take back your education and pledge with all of us to stand up for all RedHawks through campus unity and manifesting your destiny.

Picture of Andrew Moya

Andrew Moya
Vice President

Andrew Moya is the current Vice President of the Student Government Association (SGA) here at Montclair State University, majoring in Animation. He comes from a square mile city in New Jersey, otherwise known as Hoboken and originally went to the University of Connecticut for his first year of college. Since arriving at MSU, Andrew has jumped into various crevasses of opportunity that the campus has to offer and is proud to call this his new home. He started as a legislator in the SGA representing LASO, And from there he learned more about the University; how it works, and what it has to offer. Now as Vice President of the SGA he hopes to help organizations on campus grow and blossom so that they can be a resource and outlet for students on campus looking to find a place of their own. He understands that college is where people start to find themselves, where they start to become the people they will be for the rest of their lives and he wants the SGA and it’s organizations to help in that process.

Picture of RJ Simmons

RJ Simmons
Executive Treasurer

RJ Simmons is a Junior studying Finance. His set of goals features a
vision for the upcoming school year and more-so for the future of Montclair State. RJ plans to focus his energy on transforming the SGA space into one that can be remembered for years to come as a safe space for all students, and through brighter initiatives. RJ plans on working diligently on making more sound and sustainable choices from within the Treasurer’s office, to ensure we, as a student body, are doing the best we can to better impact our individual projects, and community. At some point in the future, he envisions himself multiplying his expertise and knowledge in areas dealing with financial investments and growth. He would be gratified by the chance to serve the financial industry in expansion. RJ is open to all kinds of discussions, questions or concerns, & can be reached at his office in the Student Center Annex at Room 103, please don’t hesitate to stop by!

Picture of Paulette C. Gando-Duenas

Paulette C. Gando-Duenas
Executive Secretary

Hello everyone, her name is Paulette C. Gando-Duenas but she really just goes by Paulette Gando. A little bit about herself is that this is her third year at Montclair State University. She is majoring in History with minors in French and International Studies. She loves all types of food and to travel as much as she can in order to see the wonderful cultures that bless this earth. On top of all of that, her goal in life is to help people; she lives by that motto since she was very little. Being able to fulfill the duties of the Executive Secretary for this school year is so grand, because she gets to experience and have the privilege to get to know the Montclair State’s community so much better and to help people in knowing the Student Government’s purpose. Her goal is for the Student Government Association to build a stronger bridge between students and staff, to make students aware that the Montclair State administration wants the best for its students, and to be able to lend a hand alongside the Student Government in whatever a student’s needs, dreams, or desires. She is working to make students feel heard in order to make their four years the best ones yet. She loves to meet new people so please do not hesitate to come by the office located in the Student Center Annex Room 103. She cannot wait for an exciting school year no matter what obstacles present itself, because the girl with the smile will go the extra mile!