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Picture of Jherel Saunders Dittimus

Jherel Saunders-Dittimus
Jherel Saunders-Dittimus is a Senior majoring in Communication Studies from Camden, New Jersey. One of his goals for the year is to establish a campus environment where being involved while reaching your full potential, is the new norm and really spread the awareness of the SGA. He envisions MSU being a campus where there is a place for everyone to thrive. He plans on doing this by connecting students with different departments and organizations that fits their best interest! Jherel’s goal is to enhance the student involvement on campus as well as become a great resource to the student body. Eventually, Jherel would like to change the world is by decreasing the gentrification in urban cities and remake the communities such as his own hometown a place where people can live, work & afford their expenses. Jherel is always around campus, reach out if you need anything. Feel free to stop by the SGA office as much as you like in the Student Center Annex room 103.

Picture of Jonathan Varano

Jonathan Varano
Vice President

Jonathan Varano is a Senior Political Science and Jurisprudence Major from Bloomfield, New Jersey. By the end of his term, he’d like to achieve a more recognized Student Government where all undergraduates know that we are here to give opportunity by offering resources and recognition that sustains interest for years to come. A way Jonathan would like to change the world is by continuing to pay kindness forward so that a ripple effect can spread authentication and positivity to everyone without the expectation of something in return. Feel free to stop by my office at any time in the Student Center Annex Room 103!

Picture of Rama Moulayes

Rama Moulayes
Executive Treasurer

Rama Moulayes is a Senior studying Geography with a concentration in Environmental Studies and a minor in Sustainability Science. Her set of goals features a vision for the upcoming school year and more-so for the future of Montclair State. Rama plans to focus her energy on transforming the SGA space into one that can be remembered for years to come as a safe space for all students, and through brighter initiatives. Rama plans on working diligently on making more sound and sustainable choices from within the Treasurer’s office, to ensure we, as a student body, are doing the best we can to better impact our individual projects, and community. At some point in the future, she envisions herself multiplying her expertise and knowledge in areas dealing with clean energy sustainability, and environmental policy. She would be gratified by the chance to serve the state of New Jersey by creating standards and laws promoting the health of individuals and the environment in efforts to shift our communities to a more viable future. Rama is open to all kinds of discussions, questions or concerns, & can be reached at her office in the Student Center Annex at Room 103, please don’t hesitate to stop by!

Picture of Sharese Sumter

Sharese Sumter
Executive Secretary

Sharese Sumter is a senior Sociology major and Journalism minor from Paterson, New Jersey. A goal Sharese wants to achieve while in office is to spread the awareness of what SGA offers to Montclair State undergraduates on campus through establishing connections with students through organizations and events that will be hosted by SGA and SLAM. Another goal she would hope to achieve during her term is to continue helping people and making a positive impact on their college experience. One way Sharese would like to change the world is to decrease the stigma surrounding mental health in minority communities. She plans on doing this by becoming a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and eventually open up her own mental health practice where she can offer services to those who are silently suffering but feel ashamed to speak up about it. If you see her on campus don’t be afraid to say hi or come visit her office at the Student Center Annex 103!