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Financial Information

Financial Policies

The Financial Procedures are a “must” read for organizations so they understand what is expected of them. All questions about Financial Policies should be directed to the Executive Treasurer.


Registration Process

If you’re on this page that means you would like to start an organization of your own. Please review the list of current organizations to make sure that the organization you’d like to register isn’t already there. To Register as Organization, the group of students needs to have a solid general body behind them and a need for financial help. Consult with the President Pro Tempore about the steps in becoming an Organization.

Life After Registration

Registering is the easy part of organizations. The difficulty comes from navigating all of the rules and regulations that organizations need to be aware of. However, each organization can contact an Organization Liaison to help along the process.


Locations that Accept Checks Pamphlet

This pamphlet is to help organizations looking to purchase their supplies for an event with an advance checks. There is also a list of accounts under the SGA’s name that you do not need to have an advance check to pay for which makes the process to purchase items easier.

Financial Paperwork


For training purposes, a step-by-step video explaining how each piece of paperwork needs to be filled out is provided on the SGA Treasurer’s Channel on YouTube.