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Prospective Organizations

Charterment Process

If you’re on this page that means you would like to start an organization of your own. Please review the list of current organizations to make sure that the organization you’d like to charter isn’t already there. There are two classifications that new organizations can go into: Class III and Class IV. To charter as a Class III Organization, the group of students needs to have a solid general body behind them and a need for financial help. Class IV Organizations are typically a group of people with an idea for a club and prospective members, nothing solidified. Before picking which classification you want your organization will be, consult with the President Pro Tempore to make sure you meet the requirements.

Life After Charterment

Chartering is the easy part of organizations. The difficulty comes from navigating all of the rules and regulations that organizations need to be aware of. However, each organization is assigned a Class Director that walks them through the process so that they succeed with ease.