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Take Care During Clean Up

Look out for melting/refreezing snow!

Posted in: Parking and Shuttle, Safety

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Even after the snow has stopped, it’s important to travel with caution in and around the campus. We all need to remember to take extra time traveling on the roads and when walking around campus.

Members of University Facilities have been working around the clock to clear roads and pathways. It will take time before all areas are completely clear. Melting and refreezing snow on roads and walkways can make things unexpectedly slippery.

Driving? Be aware of pedestrians navigating crosswalks and leave space between you and the car in front of you.

Walking? Wear winter footwear for safe traction, stay on the pathways and cross at designated crosswalks. Also, watch for falling snow from rooftops.

If you find a particular walkway of concern please call the Facilities Service Desk at 973-655-5444.