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What’s Open Now…Expanded!

Know what’s open right now on campus!

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“What’s Open Now” is an up-to-the-minute list of what’s available on campus. It’s been expanded and now includes:

  • Computing Labs
  • Dining venues
  • Drop In Center
  • Sprague Library
  • Student Recreation Center
  • University Bookstore

“What’s Open Now” also will let you know what’s about to open and when it will close. If the venue is closed it will let you know and provide a link to an available website. Check it out…Now!

Where to Find “What’s Open Now”

You can find “What’s Open Now” off the Student Services website ( and go to the web page directly at:

You also will find “What’s Open Now” on the NEST App. You can find the download instructions for the NEST App at:

Want More?

We’d love to hear from you about this expanded service. If you have suggestions of other venues to add, let us know at: