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Political Science Legislative/Executive Internship Program

Applications for the spring ’18 semester are being accepted.

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New Jersey State House Legislature chamber - members sitting at their desks

Montclair State juniors and seniors, in all majors, are invited to submit applications for the Political Science Legislative/Executive Internship Program, a four-credit course (POLS 420) offered in the spring 2018 semester. The Political Science Legislative/Executive Internship Program offers students the opportunity to gain valuable experience working in the district office of a U.S. Senator (Robert Menendez or Corey Booker); U.S. House members (Reps. Pascrell, Gottheimer, Frelinghuysen, Payne, Sires, and others), Gov. Phil Murphy (anticipated placements), members of the state legislature and local elected officials.

Program Expectations

Interns are expected to work at their placements 7.5 hours per week. This is typically done in one full work day, but some students arrange for two half-days to accommodate class and work schedules. Students applying should be available in at least two four-hour blocks, Monday through Friday consistently each week. Students will also submit written work, including weekly academic journals and a final whitepaper, and will be required to meet with the instructor both individually and in groups throughout the semester.

How to Apply

To be considered for the program, email Dr. Harrison ( the following information:

  • Your year in school, major, and GPA
  • Your preference as to location (i.e. in your hometown (please include zip code), near campus etc.)
  • If you have a political party preference
  • If you would prefer to intern for a federal or state lawmaker
  • If you are requesting a specific legislator
  • If you have no preference in terms of location, party, or lawmaker, that is fine too.
  • Please attach a current resume as an MSWord document as an attachment.

Accepted Applications

Once Dr. Harrison receives this information and your resume, she will match you with a legislator accepting interns, and will notify you about your placement and provide contact information for your potential site supervisor. Your site supervisor will contact you to set up an interview. Dr. Harrison will provide further instructions once your match has been made.