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What I Wish I Knew as a Freshman: Studying Tips

Finals are coming! Make sure you’re ready. Tips from Amina Abdelrahman ’18.

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Now that the semester is more than halfway over, it’s about time that midterm grades start coming back. Didn’t do as well as you expected? While it’s true that everyone learns differently, there are some study tips out there for everyone that are worth a try. Whether you’re only worried about a final exam or you just need to boost your GPA, here are some tried and true studying tips that will help you ace your next exam.

Don’t Cram.

It’s better to study periodically over time than cram a semester’s worth of work into one night. Try reading over your notes before each class or reviewing a chapter every day in preparation for an exam. You’ll be able to retain more information and pick up on the most important concepts and big ideas this way.

Quiz Yourself (or Someone Else!).

Whether you make flashcards with real index cards or use a website like Quizlet, quizzing yourself can be a fun, yet effective way to study. On Quizlet, you can turn your notes into games and tests that motivate you to keep learning. Quizzing another person, even if it’s someone who doesn’t know anything about the material, will help you learn new concepts.

Pay Attention to Your Environment.

Trying to study hours before an exam while your friends hang out in the other room is not an ideal study environment. Some people are able to focus better in the library with peace and quiet, while others prefer some noise. Figure out which is most effective for you and stick to it. Coffitivity and Rainy Mood.

Ask for Help.

If you are struggling with something in class, let your professor know as soon as possible. If there is a certain chapter you aren’t understanding or even just a homework assignment that you aren’t sure why you got the grade you did, talk to them. They’ll most likely be willing to discuss it with you.

Tutoring Services for You!

The Academic Success Center (ASC) offers Tutoring Services all semester. Tutors are available for scheduled and walk-in sessions:

  • Monday through Thursday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Friday:  9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
  • In Webster Hall, Rooms 200A & 300A

Online Sessions: Plus, the ASC now offers online tutoring sessions for students who live off campus or don’t want to leave their dorms.

Res Hall Sessions: They also offer evening and weekend hours on top of their Webster Hours located in their Residential Centers in Bohn Hall, Room 1001, Dinallo Hall, Room 2051 and Russ Hall, Room 117.

Special Finals Week Schedule: Check the Tutoring Appointment website for their Finals Week Schedule. They will be scheduling appointments starting on Tuesday, December 5.

For more information or to schedule tutoring sessions, visit the ASC’s website.

By: Amina Abdelrahman ’18, Communication Studies/Journalism.