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Two More Amazon Lockers on Campus!

Lockers Now Can Be Found in Five Campus Locations.

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Randy Semexant, President of the Hall Council of Machuga Heights, stands next to the Machuga Heights Locker "Verse"

Want to arrange for your Amazon package to be delivered here on campus? University Facilities Postal Services has added even more locker locations on campus.

All members of the campus community can now choose to have their package delivered to one of five Amazon Lockers located on campus. Each locker is given a specific name designation. The five on campus are named: Verse, Soulmate, Julia, Corvus and Pigtail.

Locker Locations

The Amazon Lockers are located in:

  • Machuga Heights (2nd floor adjacent to front desk) – Verse
  • Freeman Hall (Rear hallway past the dining hall) – Soulmate
  • Sinatra Hall (1st floor adjacent to front desk) – Julia
  • Hawk Crossings (Outside next to the laundry room) – Corvus
  • Bohn Hall (Outside in patio area) – Pigtail

You will be able to retrieve your package whenever the building is open. To access the indoor lockers, you will need to present your University ID to the building front desk staff.

Delivery Instructions

The Amazon Lockers are managed by Amazon who is solely responsible for any loss or damage.

Important Details

There are specific restrictions, procedures and policies about the packages that can be delivered to Amazon Lockers. Eligible packages must be:

  • Sold or fulfilled by
  • Meet specific weight and size restrictions
  • Be under a certain dollar value
  • Not be a hazardous material
  • Not come from outside the U.S.


  • Lockers will be greyed out on the map when full.
  • Standard, Free, Same-Day and One-Day shipping might be limited.
  • Plus more…so it is important you read all the Amazon Locker Eligible Items details.

Go to the Amazon Lockers website for instructions and links to full details.