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New Red Hawk Dollars App!

Download it today to access your Red Hawk Dollar balance, add funds and so much more!

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Two phones side by side, one with the Red Hawk Dollars app crossed out and the other illuminated with the eAccounts App.

Do you want to be able to easily check your Red Hawk Dollars balance, add funds, freeze a lost or stolen ID card and/or upload your photo for your University ID card?

Introducing the Blackboard Transact eAccounts mobile app and eAccounts website!

What Is eAccounts?

eAccounts is the new and improved way to manage your Red Hawk Dollar account on campus. The eAccounts website can be accessed through the Online Card Office web page or the Red Hawk Dollars website. While you are on the website, please save your payment method for purchasing Red Hawk Dollars if you later plan on purchasing Red Hawk Dollars through the app.

Please Note: A saved payment type is required to make Red Hawk Dollars purchases with the eAccounts app.

Red Hawk Dollars App is No Longer Supported

The Red Hawk Dollars app is no longer connected to your Montclair State University Red Hawk Dollars account. You will need to delete it and install the Blackboard Transact Mobile eAccounts app.

Please Note: If you have funds, the old app will reflect your balance as $0.00 but this does not mean you’ve lost them. Your balance will be reflected on the new app, once you download it.

Setting up eAccounts

Setting up your eAccounts app is easy! Just follow the step-by-step guide:

  1. Download eAccounts. Available for both iPhone and Android, try searching for “eAccounts” or “Blackboard Transact eAccounts.”
  2. Once downloaded, search for Montclair State University.
  3. Click on “Montclair State University.”
  4. Then, click on “Montclair LDAP” to have Montclair saved to your eAccounts app. You will only have to do this section once, after you first download the eAccounts app.
  5. When you click on “Montclair State University,” it will bring you to the Sign In page. Use your NetID and password to log-in. You also have the option to save your username here, so that you will only have to input your password each time you log-in.
  6. Here you can view your balances, add funds or freeze lost or stolen ID cards!


Use our eAccounts Tips for step-by-step instructions on how to freeze your ID Card, setting up a payment method, uploading a photo and more!

Have questions or need help setting up your eAccounts app? Reach out to us!