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Traffic, Parking, Shuttles…Oh My!

Info to Help You Tackle Traffic, Navigating Campus at the Start of the Semester.

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It’s going to be wonderful to have everyone back! We’re all excited for the new academic year, which brings new opportunities for achievement.

To successfully tackle the usual first-month traffic volume that we all face, Parking Services offers the following traffic tips and parking pointers:

Did You Get Your Permit?

To park any vehicle on campus, a permit must be associated to the vehicle. You may purchase your permit online or in office and register your vehicles! Be certain that your vehicles are registered so we know that they belong to you and remember…only one vehicle on campus with any one permit. View More Details about Getting Your Permit.

NJ Transit Deck CLOSED Labor Day Weekend

The NJ Transit garage will be closed this Saturday, August 31 starting at  1:30 a.m. and will re-open on Tuesday, September 3 at 4:30 a.m. If you have an NJ Transit parking permit issued by Montclair State University, you will be allowed to park on commuter lots during the closure. As a reminder, NJ Transit permit holders must move their vehicles back to NJ Transit by 8 a.m. on Tuesday, September 3.

Please contact Parking Services at 973-655-7580 if you should have any questions.

Rt 46 Construction

The NJ Department of Transportation continues its work on Route 46 near the Route 3 intersection:

  • Valley Road/Rt 46 Interchange: a light has been installed to control exiting traffic from Rt 46 and to maintain a safe corridor for vehicles entering and continuing on the roadway.
  • Clove Road/Rt 46 Interchange: a traffic circle has been implemented in this area in anticipation for the new overpass to/from Rt 46 West bound. It is expected that the overpass will open shortly, however a traffic circle will present confusion among motorists that have become accustomed to continuing from Clove Road to Rt 46 East. We expect that there will be delays in this area as community members adjust to this new pattern.

It’s Crowded, Out There!

Remember, many people are returning to the roads in the first weeks of September. Our local roads will experience back-to-school congestion after summer recess. Allow for extra time to travel to campus and to successfully navigate campus roads as everyone gets back into the rhythm.

Try Mass Transit!

Consider leaving your car at home and try using public transit. Montclair State is situated between two train stations and is served by multiple bus lines; this makes public transit an easy and environmentally-friendly choice. As an added incentive, full-time students are eligible for a 25% discount on NJ Transit monthly passes! View Details.

We’ve Got An App for That

In the words of News12: “Know before you go!” The Parker App helps you know where the parking spaces are and Nextbus tells you when the next shuttle will arrive at your shuttle stop.

Campus Parking Map

Some things have changed! Become familiar with the University’s Parking Map. Understanding what the campus looks like and where you are eligible to park can greatly reduce the amount of time spent on the road.

Campus Crossing Guards

Trained crossing guards are present at CarParc Diem to ensure safe passage for pedestrians and maintain a proper flow of traffic in the area. We ask that you use the crosswalks in all areas of campus, especially in this area. The crossing guards are there for your safety and crossing at other areas simply delays traffic and jeopardizes your safety.

This Too Shall Pass

Please Note: This congestion is not consistent throughout the year, traffic and parking settle into a routine after the initial few weeks of the semester. Keep note of the trends on the road so that you may plan a better route for your schedule.

We understand that parking may pose a challenge during the first few weeks of the semester, but by utilizing the tools available and planning ahead, your commute can be a seamless one! We thank you for your patience during this high-volume period.

Traffic Jamz: Beat the Traffic. Come Early. Get Free Breakfast!

Come in early! Parking Services and Office of Commuter Life will be hosting a Traffic Jamz event in Lot 60 near the shuttle stop.

  • When: Wednesday, September 4 from 9-11 a.m. (Rain date: Thursday, September 5)
  • Where: Lot 60
  • Details: Come grab some breakfast and coffee! Games and raffles!

Check out the HawkSync Calendar for Traffic Jamz!