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Are You Ready for Winter?

Be Prepared and In The Know.

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Cartoon of a red car in the snow with a knit cap on top of its roof.

The leaves are falling, the wind is blowing, time to talk about winter preparations!  It’s always best to be prepared.

Being Prepared

Before the snow comes it’s good to be as prepared as possible. What can you do to be prepared?

For Your Classes

  • Talk with your professors now about their expectations regarding class cancellations, or if classes would ever be held remotely (if not already an online course).


  • If you drive to campus, make sure your car is ready for the winter by keeping a shovel, ice scraper, gloves and a flashlight in your trunk at all times. It is also important to check your engine coolant and antifreeze levels to keep your engine from freezing. Inflate your tires to the recommended tire pressure for better car handling in the snow and rain.
  • Ask friends/classmates about carpooling.
  • If you are not a regular mass transit user, check into bus/train options from your home to campus using Google Maps or the Waze app. Make sure you have an up-to-date schedule and know when an earlier bus/train will come.

Getting Around Campus

  • Facilities personnel often work around the clock to keep the roads and walkways clear. It may not be perfect. This is no different from your town or other areas off campus. We all should apply extra caution when getting around campus.

Budget Your Time

  • Add extra time to get where you are going. Whether you are traveling via mass transit, by car or just walking, you know everything takes longer in the winter.

Will The University Ever Close?

The default position is the University will be open. You’ve paid for an education and it’s our responsibility to be here to provide it. It will be the University’s intention to remain open and operating whenever possible.

If we do need to close the University or cancel classes, the data used to make the decision are obtained from a number of sources, including the National Weather Service, state and municipal agencies regarding highway and local road conditions, as well as campus officials who determine the state of parking lots, roads and walkways.

It’s Your Decision

Because members of our community come from so many different areas of our state as well as neighboring states, the local conditions must be the primary consideration in the decision making process.

That means you should consider your personal circumstances in making a decision about whether or not to come to campus when the weather is a concern.

Remember: If you have extraordinary circumstances to consider you should discuss this matter with your faculty NOW – long before the need arises.

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Be Prepared and In The Know!