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CARES ACT Unemployment Benefits

You May be Eligible for Benefits.

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Important Notice

The CARES Act passed by Congress in March, 2020 created the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program (PUA) which extends unemployment benefits to many workers who are usually ineligible for these benefits.

What Does This Mean to Me?

This means that all U.S. college students can apply for State Unemployment Benefits, including the additional $600.00 in Federal benefits that is being provided for the period of March-July, 2020.

How Do I Apply for Unemployment Benefits?

You should file a claim with the unemployment insurance program in the state where you worked. For those who were working in New Jersey, visit the NJ How to Apply website.

Who Might Qualify for Unemployment Now?

You will qualify for benefits if you are unemployed, partially unemployed, unable or unavailable to work because you:

  • Were diagnosed or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (or household members are);
  • Are providing care for a family or household member who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or for a child whose school or child care center closed due to COVID-19;
  • Are unable to get to work due to COVID-19-related travel restrictions, a business shutdown due to emergency declarations, self-quarantine or a job offer reversal;
  • Have become the head of household due to a COVID-19 death; or
  • Are unable to work due to health ramifications of previous COVID-19 experience.

If one of the criteria above applies, you should now be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits in all states if you were:

  • Enrolled full-time and working part-time;
  • Enrolled part-time and working, but who did not earn enough to qualify for regular unemployment insurance;
  • Graduated in spring 2020 and lost a job during the semester due to COVID-19 (regardless of whether they had secured a post-graduation employment offer);
  • Worked for gig economy platforms, like Uber or Lyft, or were self-employed (as tutors, etc.) but lost that income stream because of COVID-19;
  • Recent graduate who has a post-graduation or summer offer of employment that falls through due to COVID-19, even if you were not working while enrolled in school.


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