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Weekly Invoice Emails

What Are They and Why Do You Get Them?

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Each Wednesday morning you might have noticed you receive a weekly invoice sent to your Montclair State Gmail account.

Why Do I Get This Invoice?

This invoice provides you with information specific to the current semester: what you have paid, financial aid received and what you still owe.

What Is on the Invoice?

The Montclair State invoice is an official document which is sent on Montclair State letterhead, in PDF format and includes the following:

  • Current Semester Charges: Your balance as of the date of receipt which includes current tuition, mandatory fees and room and board (if applicable)
  • Current Semester Payments: This includes financial aid, loans, grants, scholarships and out of pocket payments
  • Schedule of Classes
  • Amount Due
  • Payment Remittance Slip: Should be included by the student/payee along with their payment to identify the student

What Can I Do with This Invoice

You can use this invoice to:

  • Keep record of your payments
  • Keep record of your financial aid
  • Provide official documentation to any employer (or third party) who might provide you with reimbursement

Please Note: Since this is a weekly invoice, changes will not be reflected until the next invoice is sent. An example: you just received an invoice. The next day, a loan was added to your financial aid package. This will not be reflected until the following week when a new invoice is sent.

But I Have a Zero Balance?

A zero balance means you have received aid and or made payment to satisfy your charges or balance owed. We thank you for your payment! Even though you do not have a current balance you will continue to receive the invoice throughout the end of the term.

However, it is important that you continue to view every invoice in the case there was a change after the bill was paid. This may occur in instances where your financial aid was reduced, payment was returned by the bank or a class was added after the initial payment was made.


If you may have questions regarding your invoice, you may contact Red Hawk Central, a centralized location for all of your student service needs.