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Federal $$ for COVID Loss of Income

You May Qualify for Federal or State Money! Get the Details!

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Have You Experienced a Change in Income due to COVID-19?

If your family has experienced one or more of the following situations, you may qualify for an adjustment to the information on your FAFSA. Making these types of adjustments may result in an increase in your financial aid eligibility.

  • Loss of income due to unemployment, disability, or retirement, etc.
  • Termination of benefits or income such as child support, alimony, Social Security Benefits
  • Divorce or separation of a parent or spouse that occurred after the 2018 tax year or after the FAFSA was filed
  • Death of a parent or spouse that occurred after the 2018 tax year or after the FAFSA was filed.

How do I Apply?

  • Go the Red Hawk Central web page: Request for Review for a full description of the process.
  • Then go to the application on the Red Hawk Central Financial Aid Forms web page. There is a list of document requirements on the last page of the application. Please submit the appropriate documents based on the reason for filing the Review.

What Happens Next?

Your information will be reviewed. If additional documents are needed, you will receive an email asking for those items. Once we have all the information we need, we will make appropriate adjustments to your FAFSA information.The revised FAFSA takes up to 10 days to come back into our system. At that point, your financial aid will be adjusted and you will see that on your NEST.