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Stay in Our Bubble and Stay Out of Trouble!

Don’t Leave Your Montclair State Home to Keep Safe!

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Rocky the Red Hawk in his campus safe bubble.

The University’s contact tracing has revealed that COVID-19 transmission among Montclair State University community members occurs because of interactions at off-campus residences, restaurants and other off-campus locations. So, it’s vital we don’t bring back the virus, so we really need our residents to stay here at Montclair and not go off campus!

We’re Almost There!

Just three weeks from now most of you will be returning to your off-campus homes. Until then, please:

  • Shop online…not at the stores or malls.
  • Use Grubhub…don’t go to restaurants or bars.
  • Don’t gather in person…Zoom your friends/family!
  • Don’t visit family/friends now…wait just a few short weeks!
  • Check out ALL the events in Engage to safely connect with friends.

The nation, including New Jersey, has seen a significant rise in COVID-19 positive cases. Public health officials are extremely concerned we’re being hit by the second wave of infections, and we’re heading toward the same horrible position we faced this past spring. We all must remain vigilant about physical distancing and other safety protocols.

We’re So Close…BUT Please Don’t Go Off Campus!

We need you to stay on campus as much as possible to avoid situations off campus where the possibility of infection is higher. You’ve been doing so well…so far! But right now we need everyone to do their part in the home stretch.

If You Must Go Off Campus

  • Only leave for essential functions- doctor’s appointments, pharmacy, groceries, etc.
  • Do your Hawk Check.
  • Mask Up!
  • Practice good hand hygiene.
  • Avoid crowded spaces.
  • Encourage your friends to keep safe!


Can’t say it enough…do your Hawk Check every day! It’s extremely important!

The University will continue to monitor the situation in the state and the surrounding areas and seek guidance from experts at the University Health Center and from local, state and federal health officials to determine whether to update current campus protocols.


If you have any questions or concerns contact

Be well…be safe…be Red Hawk smart!

Jeanine Stroh
Executive Director, Residence Life

Dr. Patricia Ruiz
Director, University Health Center & EMS