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Invitation to Student-Comm Listserv

Sign Up to Receive Copy of Messaging Sent to All Students.

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Community Message

We sometimes hear from faculty and staff that they would like to know what messages have been sent to students. In order to facilitate that need, a special listserv has been created for faculty and staff who wish to receive copies of email messages sent to all undergraduate and graduate students.

About the New Listserv

The listserv (student-comm) is an opt-in/opt-out list that you can subscribe to at any time. Email messages sent to all undergraduate and graduate students will be forwarded to this listserv so you can see the messages being sent to our students.

Types of Messages

These are the types of information we send to all students and will send to the student-comm list:

  • Advising
  • Deadline Reminders
  • Payment Options
  • Policies
  • Registration
  • Support Services

The regular issues of Red Hawk News, plus targeted topic messaging such as Career News, Wellness, In the Loop, WAM and Rec News, also would be sent to the student-comm list.

University-wide messaging, that is sent to all faculty, staff and students, will not be sent to this list.


Faculty and staff can choose to opt-in or opt-out at any time.

To Subscribe to the student-comm listserv:

  • Go to the Sympa
  • Log in with your University NetID/password.
  • In the search box type in: student-comm
  • Click on in the search result box
  • In the left nav menu click on “Subscribe”

To Unsubscribe:

  • Go to Sympa
  • Log in with your University NetID/password.
  • In the Left Nav menu click on student-comm
  • In the left nav menu click on “Unsubscribe”

View Information Technology’s Guide on How to Use Sympa (pdf).

Guides, News and Resources

Additional information provided to our students can be found on the Student Services website including links to:

  • Important Dates
  • COVID-19 Training and Hawk Check
  • Academic and Administrative Support Services
  • Engagement Opportunities
  • The Student Guide
  • A Toolbox with QuickLinks
  • … and more!

We also have a Student Services Guide for Faculty and Staff that we hope you will review.

We encourage all members of the campus community to connect with us via our social media channels: Red Hawk Life and Red Hawks of Montclair State. And of course connecting with Rocky the Red Hawk!

The mission of the department of Student Communications is to collaborate and coordinate with academic and administrative offices to bridge communication gaps, produce effective messaging, establish processes and improve the students’ engagement, connection to support services and community pride. We continually review our communication strategies to better serve our students and help connect them to the information they need to know.


If you have any questions about Student Communications please contact Cindy Meneghin: or Hannah Wiese: