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Phone Scam Reported on Campus

University Police Department Reports Employees Receiving Calls on Office and Personal Phones.

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The University Police Department (UPD) reported employees have received calls on their office lines and personal devices from a caller claiming to be a law enforcement officer attempting to collect fines in order to avoid arrest.

UPD advises all community members that this is a known scam that could lose them hundreds or thousands of dollars. The scammer is using a fake position of authority to request funds through gift cards such as MoneyPak. These scams often use spoofed phone numbers associated with police or other government agencies to appear real.

What You Should Do If You Receive Such a Call

If anyone receives a call such as this, do not provide any information or purchase pre-paid money or gift cards.

UPD reminds individuals that law enforcement and government agencies will never solicit any type of funds over the telephone or tell you not to contact your local police. Anyone demanding to be paid with a pre-paid gift card is a scammer!

If you receive a call like this while on campus, please reach out to UPD at 973-655-5222 or you can report it to your local law enforcement agency, if off campus.