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Disciplinary Transcript Notation Removal Process

After all the term(s) of the suspension have been fulfilled, a student may request that the Disciplinary Suspension notation
be removed from the student’s official transcript.

Prior to doing so, the student must have:

  1. Re-enrolled at the University upon the completion of their suspension;
  2. Remain in good disciplinary and academic standing;
  3. Complete the requirements for graduation.

Upon filing for the final degree audit, a student may submit a request, electronically, to the the Student Conduct Office.

Requests will adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Must outline the reasons for removal of the notation.
  2. Provide information on how the student has grown from the removal incident and document their activities since
    returning to the University.
  3. Will be submitted in a Microsoft Word document
  4. Will use Times New Roman-font size 12; 1-inch margins
  5. Will be no more than 3-pages.

Upon receipt and initial review, the Student Conduct Office will forward the request to the Provost’s Office.

Upon receipt of the request, the Provost will convene a committee to review the request. The committee will consist of a
member from each of the following areas:

  1. Office of the Provost
  2. Vice President of Student Development and Campus Life
  3. Office of the Dean of Students

Factors to be considered in review of such requests will include:

  1. The conduct of the student upon their return to the University to the time of the request;
  2. The academic attainment of the student;
  3. The conduct of the student subsequent to the violation;
  4. The nature of the violation and the severity of any damage, injury, or harm resulting from it; and
  5. The information provided by the student in the request.

The decision to remove the notation shall rest in the discretion and judgment of a majority of the committee. The Student
Conduct Office will notify the student of the decision of the committee for disciplinary reviews. All reviews are final and
not subject to challenge.