Students standing outside of University Hall talking.

Benefits of a College Education

There’s a lot of conversation about why you should get a college education.  Here are the top five benefits of a college degree:

  1. Increased Earnings Potential: In 2014, median earnings of college graduates was $57,252, which was $22,516 more than the median earnings of high school graduates earning $34,736 on average.
  2. Greater Job Stability: Regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity, college graduates are less likely to experience unemployment than high school graduates. In 2015, the unemployment rate reported for college graduates was just 2.8%, compared to 5.5% for high school graduates.
  3. Better health: According to a 2010 report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics, college graduates live about nine years longer than those who don’t graduate from high school! The statistics show that college graduates tend to have healthier behaviors, avoid unhealthy ones, and have more access to medical care when they need it.
  4. Greater Job Satisfaction: Since we spend almost our entire lives working, job satisfaction plays a critical role in our overall happiness and sense of well-being. Studies show that as your level of education increases, so does your job satisfaction and this can be for a number of reasons such as higher paying careers, better benefits, and working in a field of specific interest and expertise.
  5. Improved Family Livelihood: A college degree can help transform your life and the benefits can extend beyond generations as well. Children of parents with a college education are better off socially and economically, and tend to be more likely to earn a college degree as well.