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Is the CARE Team referral confidential?

You are strongly encouraged to speak directly with the student about the fact that you are concerned about him or her and that you are going to submit a referral to the CARE Team or complete a Student of Concern Form. We understand this is not always possible. In instances when you would like to keep the fact that you submitted a Student of Concern Form confidential, please indicate this on the concern form. However, it is important to note that confidentiality cannot be kept at all times and students may realize that you submitted a referral through less-direct ways (i.e., details related to that incident, information only shared by the student with one person on campus).

What reports are typically reported to the CARE Team?

Students with significant academic difficulties and/or behavioral health concerns that result in disruptive behavior or cause one to be worried about a student’s well-being are most often reported to the CARE Team. Referrals include issues such as:

  • Classroom issues (disruptive, excessive absences, issues identified in submitted assignments, etc.)
  • Threats to harm campus and/or members of the campus community
  • Threats to harm self (suicidal ideation, eating disorders, alcohol or drug abuse, etc.)
  • Other issues that cause you concern or worry

Are there any issues or concerns that are not appropriate for the CARE Team?

If you identify a student who is experiencing extreme distress due to alcohol or drugs, has been sexually assaulted, is physically unresponsive, or is in immediate danger of committing some form of self-harm or harm to the community please contact the Montclair State University Police Department at 973-655-5222.

In these cases, or any other extreme emergency, you are able to submit a referral after contacting the University Police Department.

How do I know if a student is on the CARE Team List?

Only CARE Team members are aware of the names of students on the CARE Team agenda and given the details needed to effectively triage the student in need. The list of students on the agenda is kept confidential.

Can CARE Team referrals be used for graduate as well as undergraduate students?

Yes, referrals can be submitted for any student (graduate or undergraduate) at Montclair State University.