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Model United Nations Summer Academy

The Model United Nations Summer Academy will provide students with a comprehensive blend of academic and co-curricular activities that assist in strengthening skills such as leadership, negotiation, public speaking, research, writing, and conflict resolution. Students interested in any and every field of academic study are encouraged to participate in this program.

The Model United Nations Summer Academy will be offered in FULLY ONLINE format in Summer 2020. Choose from two different sessions:

Session I: June 29 – July 24 (Mandatory synchronous online meetings July 13, 15, 17 – 3:00 – 6:00p.m.)

Session II: July 13 – August 7 (Mandatory synchronous online meetings July 27, 29, 31 – 3:00 – 6:00p.m.)

What is Model United Nations?

Model United Nations is an international organization in which students compete as delegations representing countries or people to debate international relations. It is present in all 50 states and in more than 100 countries around the world.

What is the Summer Academy?

It is a 4-week long hybrid* program, partially online and 1-week in-residence, where students come together to develop and improve their Model United Nation’s skills regarding multiculturalism, writing, working cooperatively, negotiating, public speaking, and debate, while learning about the world, its history, its people and the way in which governments interact in real life. Students will address issues such as nuclear proliferation in North Korea and Iran, immigration in Europe, scarcity of water and energy in Africa, and the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, among others.

Week 1 – Online coursework
Week 2 – Online coursework
Week 3 – Synchronous online meetings
Week 4 – Final online coursework

Who is Eligible?

High-school students

How much does the Summer Academy cost?

The cost of the Summer Academy for high school students during Summer 2020 is $855.00, which includes tuition for the 3 credit online course.

A $100 deposit is due within 2-weeks of acceptance into the program. Limited space available.

Who is the Instructor and Course Designer?

Alfredo Toro Carnevali is a Visiting Specialist at the Department of Political Science and Law at Montclair State University. He served as a diplomat to the United Nations for ten years, where he negotiated numerous international treaties and resolutions and served as Vice-president of the General Assembly’s Committee on Disarmament and International Security and as Chairman of the Security Council’s Working Group on Non-Proliferation (1540). Professor Alfredo Toro Carnevali runs a monthly lecture series, where current UN ambassadors come to campus to give people a sense of what diplomacy is, how it is practiced and what goes on inside the United Nations. View more information about the Speaker Series.

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