New CHSS students pose with Associate Dean Wilson at University College's Annual Signing Day event in April 2019

Signing Day

Celebrate the end of your major exploration experience with ‘Signing Day!’

In University College, we recognize that declaring your major is the first of many major decisions that you will make while here at Montclair State University. To celebrate this first of many milestones within your academic career, we host our capstone event of the year, held annually in the spring: Signing Day!

Signing Day is our major declaration celebration which is traditionally held at the culmination of our students’ University College experience, once they have have matriculated into their new major. It is where we congratulate our former students for declaring their major and help them transition into their new College or School, where they will ultimately graduate from those programs.

Here, students are invited to connect with peers from similar programs, meet their new Academic Advising and Success teams, faculty and administrators, and more while reflecting back on their own University College experience.


Check out highlights from our first Annual ‘Signing Day’ Celebration, held in April 2019, below.