University approved logos are reproduced below.

A. Usage

The logo may be reproduced in red and black (with the crest and "Montclair State" in red, and the line and "University" in black), all black, or reversed out of a dark color. No other color combination may be used. Actual logos are available for downloading in JPG, EPS, or GIF format in various sizes.

The logo should be sized in proportion to the piece, but in print should never be less than 2 inches wide. For flyers, handouts, brochures, etc., a general rule of thumb is the logo should be between 2-3 inches.

The current University logo should be used on printed materials including letterhead, business cards, official forms, signs, etc. Brochures and other materials bearing a former logo should be retired as usage and dollars permit.

B. Colors

Montclair State’s colors are Red PMS 200 and white. The use of these official colors is critical for printed material.

PMS stands for Pantone Matching System and is a printing industry standard. If a printer uses the CMYK four color process formula: C=0, M=100, Y=65, K=15.

Don’t rely on a desktop color printer to match colors – the color calibration of a desktop printer will rarely match the PMS or CMYK colors used by a commercial printer. Red must always be used at 100% (because any gradation at a lower percentage will look pink), along with 100% black.

It is important to always use the logo in a high-resolution format. Commercial printers usually want an EPS file; a JPG version is usually preferred for PowerPoint or classroom use. It is critically important that the logo not be stretched or re-created. The logo should not be copied and pasted from websites – use a JPG, EPS, or GIF file instead.

The samples below are 300 dpi, in JPG format, for print use.

Logo with Crest - Color

Logo with Crest - Black and White

Logo without Crest - Color

Logo without Crest - Black and White

Logo One Line - Black