Montclair State University logo on red cardstock.


Primary Logo

The Crest logo is a powerful symbol of the University. Its symbolic message elevates and enhances brand recognition and reach when applied consistently.

This is our formal mark and is used by all Colleges, Schools, departments, Centers and Institutes. The logo is available as full color and black. Logos are available for download as .eps, .jpg and .png files below.

In order to maintain our established brand equity, it is critical that all logos maintain the current branding and voice. This includes all units using the official logo.

Marks can not be modified, stretched or distorted, or changed in any way.

For any questions, contact Randi Rosh, Creative Director, Communications and Marketing at 973-655-3070 or

Clear Space

In order to protect our logo’s integrity and impact, careful consideration is given when placing it within layouts. Keep the logo clear of competing text, images and graphics by maintaining the minimum amount of clear space, equal to the height of the “M” on all sides.

Clear space around logo

Hierarchical Logos

Each school, department, center or institute has a customized hierarchical logo for their use. ID names are applied with a consistent standard in order to reinforce brand recognition, credibility and impact.

In order to maintain our established brand equity, it is critical that all logo requests – including those for specific entities and events within schools and colleges – be made to University Communications and Marketing. No logos will be developed outside of the brand standards established.

Examples are below.

Schools/Colleges (ID placed above shield logo)

CHSS Montclair State University Hierarchical logo
Grad School Montclair State University Hierarchical logo

Departments/Centers/Institutes (ID placed below shield logo)

Center for Advising and Student Transitions MSU logo example
Nutrition and Food Science MSU logo example

If a logo is needed, please fill out our job request form.

Unacceptable Uses

Our logo should not be altered under any circumstances. Here is a partial list of unacceptable changes:

Unacceptable color/outlines

Logos are always red with black, all black or all white. No other combination is acceptable.

Unacceptable color outlines for logo

Unacceptable distortions

Logos cannot be stretched or distorted in any way.

Unacceptable distortions of MSU logo


A wordmark is a text-only typographic treatment featuring only the name of an organization and used for purposes of immediate identification and branding. The name is incorporated into a simple graphic treatment that is easy to recognize.

The wordmark is used in print and web advertising, and promotional deliverables like imprinted materials. It is not used for academic materials, which uses our primary Crest logo.

Presidential Seal

MSU Presidential Seal

The University Seal is reserved for officially sanctioned uses: executive level (vice president and above) stationery; legal and official documents such as diplomas and transcripts; formal academic ceremonies; and permanent building insignias.

Any use of the seal requires prior authorization from University Communications and Marketing.

The Montclair State Red Hawks Athletics logo

Montclair State Red Hawks logo

The Athletics logo is a strong symbol of University pride and excitement for our athletic teams. Its reach extends beyond Montclair State’s campus and community and enhances our Red Hawk brand.

The Montclair State Red Hawks athletic logo is used exclusively for our intercollegiate teams. The logo is not to be used to represent the University’s administrative or academic programs.

The logo cannot be altered under any circumstances. Its use is under the discretion of the Athletics Department.

Student Clubs and Campus Organizations

The Red Hawk icon captures the pride and excitement that our students have for their Montclair State clubs.

Acceptable treatments

The Red Hawk icon may be used alone or with your club name positioned underneath. The words “Red Hawks” may not be used.

Clear space

There must be at least 1/4” clear area surrounding the Red Hawk icon.

Unacceptable treatments

Montclair State University must be spelled out and cannot be shortened to “MSU.”

The logo can not be stretched, distorted, modified or have additional graphics attached to the Red Hawk image.

Montclair State University unacceptable club name logo usage