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Coronavirus Update – March 10, 2020

A message to students from the Vice President of Student Development and Campus Life.
As of Tuesday, March 17 all classes will now be 100% online.

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Health Update

Dear Students:

As the President said in her message, we have been monitoring the coronavirus situation closely and are making every effort to support you through this unusual period. It is important to us that you have the most up-to-date information possible and know that we are here to assist you in any way we can.  We want to insure that all students have the opportunity to complete their spring term studies and to minimize the risk of exposure. There are a number of important things for you to know:

  1. Spring break is extended through Sunday, March 22.
  2. The University is open, all services and facilities are operating and available.
  3. As of March 23, the majority of all instruction will be provided online. IT will be providing information and support to help you make the transition to online courses if you are not yet familiar with the method.  Each college will also have advisors ready to assist you.
  4. Some courses, for example, some laboratory or studio courses, will still be taught on campus in the usual way.
  5. If you are already taking an online course, that course will continue in accordance with the original schedule.
  6. If you are taking Nursing courses, they will follow the School of Nursing’s own specific schedule.
  7. Most classes will be held remotely while others still will be held in person. Deans will inform students which courses will be held in each modality. The library and other facilities are still open. Most activities and programs will continue as planned. Students are encouraged to come use the labs and other facilities. You can take your classes here. You can do this in a residence hall, a lab, a lounge, a classroom, the library or other location. You do not have to leave the campus. We only are reducing the density of the community. We are not closing the University or stopping operations. We have every intention of making sure you have what you need to successfully complete your studies and graduate.
  8. The University will continue to carefully monitor the COVID-19 situation and make decisions about upcoming events, including Commencements and Convocations, based on the most current recommendations of public health authorities. If we decide to make any changes to the Commencement/Convocation schedules, we will inform the campus community in early April.
  9. We will post information concerning yearbook photos soon.

The issues surrounding the coronavirus and its presence in the state and nation continue to evolve. As of today, there are 11 presumed positives cases in NJ (none confirmed through testing). Medical Experts and the CDC expect this number to rise and the University is preparing to respond to any effects that the virus may cause on campus. With that that in mind, the University continues to follow CDC and WHO guidelines regarding prevention and response.

Our goal will be to assure minimal interruption to instruction, critical functions and health risks to the community. By the actions listed below and at the accompanying links, our goal is to reduce the density of the population present on campus thus decreasing the risks of contagion by social distancing.

Most importantly, the campus will remain open and operations will continue to function.

Additional Details

  • To ensure that the University will operate without interruption, the spring break will be extended through Sunday, March 22.
  • Classes will resume on Monday, March 23, 2020, primarily in an on-line format. University computer labs and the library will be open and available.
  • The residence halls will remain open and students are welcome to return to their campus assignments. View specific policies related to this situation. Commuter students are welcome to move to campus for short periods or the remainder of the semester, particularly those needing access to labs and computers.
  • Dining facilities will remain open. Specific locations and hours can be found at:
  • The University Health Center and Counseling Centers will be open.
  • The Student Recreation Center and Ice Arena will remain open. All intercollegiate sports events will remain on schedule.
  • All student employment will remain available. Students are encouraged to contact their supervisor for changes in schedules. Graduate Assistants should contact the Graduate School for additional information.
  • Student events are currently under review and may be modified or canceled. Be sure to check Red Hawk News for more information.
  • For specific support regarding personal or academic concerns:

For questions contact

Dr. Karen L. Pennington
Vice President for Student Development and Campus Life