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Time Entry Questions and Answers

Q&A for Payroll Timekeeping Information Due to COVID-19

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Important Update

During these uncertain times, the Human Resources Department would like to provide you with a list of frequently asked questions regarding Payroll Time Entry.

Q. I Am an Employee Who Is Currently Working From Home. Do I Need to Do Anything Differently When it Comes to Reporting my Hours or Leave Time?
A. If you are working remotely due to the public health emergency, you should continue to report your time as you normally would. Hourly employees, please submit your time as usual. Salaried employees, only enter Vacation or Sick time when applicable. All of the normal Payroll Deadlines and Schedules will still apply.

Q. I Supervise Student Employees and I’m Unsure of What I Need to Do.
A. If you supervise any student employees, please view: FWS, Student Employees COVID-19 Information. If your student employees are not working, they may use their accrued NJ Earned Sick Leave. They may view their NJ Earned Sick Leave balance in Workday.

Q. I Cannot Work During the Covid-19 Outbreak Due to an Illness, Underlying Health Condition or Because of My Child’s School Being Closed. What Do I Need to Do?
A. For employees who are unable to work for one of these reasons, please contact Workday Support at or 973-655-5000, option 3 to create a support ticket. Benefits will then review and reach out directly to you with instructions.

Q. I Am a Civil Service Employee and I Am Unable to Work From Home. What Do I Need to Do?
A. Civil Service Employees will be governed by guidelines regarding Leave Time and Staffing – Covid-19 issued by the Civil Service Commission on Wednesday, March 11, 2020. State of New Jersey, CSC, COVID-19, Guidelines. Non-essential Civil Service Employees will not be required to use their accumulated leave during the period of closure. If a remote working arrangement cannot be made, please enter your time as normal with a comment of COVID-19.

If you use Kronos to log your time and need assistance, please ask your supervisor.

Q. I’m Classified As an Essential Employee and Was Asked to Come Into Work but I’m Unable to Do So.  Will I Be Paid?  
A. If you are considered essential and elect not to report to work when asked, you must use your earned leave time to be paid. If you cannot report to work when asked due to a directive from a medical professional, you will not need to use earned leave time to be paid.

Q. I Am a Temporary Employee, Do I Need to Do Anything Different?
A. If you are currently working remotely or on campus, you should enter your hours as normal. If you are not working, you may use your accrued NJ Earned Sick Leave. If you have exhausted your NJ Earned Sick Leave, you may be eligible for Unemployment Insurance.


For any other questions not addressed, please contact Workday Support at: or 973-655-5000.

Thank you and stay healthy.