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Feeling tired and overwhelmed?

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There is a good deal of reasoning to feel tired and overwhelmed these days. School has started again and whether it be online or in person there is a heavy cloud that is lurking above us all, COVID-19. Instead of listing those countless reasons why we are tired and overwhelmed, let’s focus on 3 easy and positive ways to get us feeling energized and motivated.

Exercise. One of the best things we can do to take care of our bodies is exercise. Whether it be a 15 minute workout or several hours, it is a huge stress relief to get the body moving. When we do physical work, we are able to let go of our daily stresses because we are focused on the physical task at hand. As we begin to exert sweat, we then begin to release endorphins which are so good for our bodies and minds. Endorphins are also known as a “runner’s high” and give us that positive feeling. We begin to feel energized and happy. If we focus on how we feel after a good workout then maybe we can hold on to that thought for future times when we feel tired and overwhelmed. It may sound backwards but if you cannot seem to shake the tiredness and can’t seem to find time to get all your work done, then get up and make your body move.

Bottom line is keep on moving!

Sleep. By allowing ourselves to exert this energy through exercise, we are setting ourselves up for a good sleep. When we get good rest our brain is able to get recharged which our body desperately needs. Even taking a 15-20 minute nap during the day can help you recharge your body’s batteries. Do not underestimate the importance of sleep.

Get your Z’s in.

Water. We have all heard it before and that is because water is the natural fuel to keep the body hydrated and feeling refreshed and alive. One helpful tip to starting your day each morning is to drink an 8-10 oz glass of water before anything else. Starting your day with water will help your body to get moving and will leave you wanting more which is good! Water helps in digestion, circulation, rids the body of toxins, assists in healthy skin and so much more. Water will help reduce soreness from exercise as well.

Drink more water. 

Written by:
Amanda Cuoco