Payment For Services

Students enrolled at Montclair State University pay a mandatory University Health fee which covers basic UHC operational costs. Prescription medication, procedures, durable medical equipment, on-site diagnostic testing and other specialized care are common additional costs. A full list of charges can be found on the Service Fees webpage. Payment for any incurred charges is not required at the time of visit. Students are held responsible for payment and a hold is placed on registration abilities until payment is received. Payments can be made using Red Hawk Dollars or through the Student Accounts payment system.

Patient Insurance Reimbursement Instructions

Patients may submit bills to their health insurance plan for reimbursement but are still responsible for full payment regardless of the amount covered under their plan. Individual health insurance plans vary in how much they will cover in costs. It is your patient responsibility to pay for all costs incurred at UHC regardless of what you may be reimbursed by your insurance. We recommend that you pay for the charges first through the Student Accounts office and then be reimbursed by your plan.

The following information is to assist you in the reimbursement process by your health insurance plan for any costs incurred at the time of your visit. Please read and follow the instructions carefully.


1.  Be certain that you received a bill for charges from the clinical provider at the time of your visit.

2.  Go to the website for your individual health insurance plan and follow the instructions on how to submit a claim.

3.  Many companies allow you to establish an account in order to monitor your claim status. Use this to check on your claim processing. Companies also have toll-free numbers to call for this purpose.

4.  The University Health Center can provide additional copies of your bills and verification of self-payment if needed for claim submission.