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Academic Information

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As the University transitions to an online environment, we know this will be a transition for individuals as well. If you’re new to online courses and services, you are not alone. Please rest assured that staff and faculty are ready to support you!

Academic Advising and Registration

Your advisor will be available to you virtually. You may wish to check in about your progress this term and discuss your academic plan. Your advisor is also a resource to help you access campus services for your online learning and other matters.

You’ll be able to meet with an advisor online or by phone prior to registering for summer and fall classes, and registration will take place beginning in April, as planned. Common forms related to registration and your academic record can be accessed and processed online. The University will provide updates about registration policies and procedures that may be modified during this period.

Navigate can be used to schedule an appointment with an advisor. Your college, school or program will ensure that an advisor is available to you during business hours either on the phone or online. For a phone or online advising session, you will be using Zoom. Please refer to the Zoom instructions to help you get ready for your advising session, and please review carefully any instructions your advisor provides as well. After your session, check to Navigate for notes your advisor may share with you to help you stay on track.

Manage your Zoom meetings with your password.

For more detailed information about advising help, please refer to your College or School’s advising page:


All of your classes this semester will continue online beginning Monday, March 23. Courses that are already fully online will follow their original schedule, and School of Nursing courses, which will follow that School’s specific schedule.

Classes will be held on Zoom and Canvas. Instructors may offer classes online synchronously, which means you must log on to a Zoom link at the time they usually meet. They may also offer asynchronous classes, which will allow you to complete the coursework at your own pace within a set timeframe, usually through Canvas. Each instructor is required to notify you about their class format before the end of the extended spring break and to send you links to Zoom where needed.

If you have questions or concerns about online instruction, you can contact your professor, your advisor, or your College or School’s Dean’s Office.


Tutors and the Academic Success Center staff will be available to you virtually.

The Academic Success Center will begin online tutoring services by appointment; a tutoring account is required. We will also provide live, online workshops via Zoom that can assist you as the University transitions to online learning. Both of these services will begin on Monday, March 23, 2020; specific schedules can be found on our web page.

If you are taking a course with Supplemental Instruction as a part of your class you can find the updated, online Supplemental Instruction schedules on WCOnline and on the Academic Success Center webpage.

The Center for Writing Excellence is open now through the end of the semester. All appointments will be conducted online. Talk to a writing consultant in real-time as you look at your work together on your computer screen. We are here virtually to help with all writing assignments and tasks, at any stage in the writing process, from brainstorming to citations and everything in between.

[Last Updated: Sunday, March 22]