Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act

Dear Students,


   The implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has created a lot of changes in health insurance enrollment and premium costs for many of you.  For several years we have been required to implement coverage mandates in the Student Health Insurance Plan that resulted in improved coverage but premium increases as well.  A new change this year was the discontinuation of coverage eligibility for part-time students in our Student Health Insurance Plan.  These were difficult decisions made jointly by all New Jersey State Colleges and Universities and we continue to work as a group to determine improved options for insurance for our students.

   Montclair State University is very cognizant of the negative impact that increasing premiums and the loss of coverage have had on students.  We want to provide additional resources so that each student can find the most affordable health care coverage available and/or regain coverage that may have been lost due to these changes.  The University continues to require health insurance for all full time students. The mandate by the new ACA that requires  all citizens to have health insurance will be implemented in 2014.  Thus we encourage you to utilize the following resources to find the most comprehensive and affordable health insurance available: and  will provide information to help  you  understand  available coverage options   and insurance costs.   New Jersey residents can find state insurance information at We encourage you to be wise consumers when looking at affordable insurance options. 

The University Health Center continues to provide  comprehensive, quality health care  through free and confidential office visits.  You do not need insurance coverage to utilizee the services.  If you need assistance in making a decision about health insurance, please feel free to send us an   email at




Dr. Donna M. Barry, APN, DNP

Director, University Health Center

Montclair State University