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How to Register Your Med+Proctor Account

Registering Your Med+Proctor Account

Visit Med+Proctor to register for an account.

Use your Montclair State University email address in the required format when registering. Required format: NetID@mail.montclair.edu

You will create a password for your Med+Proctor account using the password criteria and your date of birth.

Then, click “Register”.

Next, complete your profile information.

Fill out your name, requirement group, student ID and select if you will be a campus resident or not.

The “Download Documents” section is where you can download the optional immunization certificate. If you choose to use this form, a health professional must complete it.

Here is where you upload your vaccination record. Select a document type and then choose the file you wish to upload.

Please Note: Any document type is okay to upload under. You can only upload one file at a time. Select continue once you have chosen your file.

Once you upload files, you will be directed to the status page. This is where you can see updates regarding your immunization record review.

If you need to upload another document, select “click here to submit another document” and you will be taken back to the document section.

The standard review time for uploaded documents is 1-3 business days.

What Happens After You Submit Information to Med+Proctor?

  1. Document review can take up to 3 business days.
  2. Once your documents are approved, it may take up to 2 business days for any immunization holds to be removed. Please plan accordingly. Check Nest for your hold status.
  3. If your documents are not approved, then you will receive a notification directly from Med+Proctor to your Montclair State University email.
  4. The email message will direct you to go to Med+Proctor.
  5. You login to your Med+Proctor account and access your messages.

Above are examples of messages you may receive from Med+Proctor to your Montclair State University email. You can check your account status under your “messages” tab in your Med+Proctor account.

To review your account status, go to your “status” page. Any issues or missing items will be listed here.

If your records have been approved as compliant, then you will receive this message on the left side. It is important to submit required documentation and receive a “verified as compliant” message in your ”messages” tab OR a “verified as compliant” message on your status page. Make sure to upload the documents at least 4 weeks prior to registration to avoid any holds on your student account.