Picture of the front of the University Police station


Random Drug Testing Policy of Police Officers

The University Police Department conducts random drug testing bi-annually for all sworn officers. In addition officers being appointed to police positions, entering a police academy or suspected of drug use are tested on a mandatory basis. This policy requires law enforcement agencies to drug test applicants and implements a random drug testing program for sworn officers in compliance with NJ Attorney General Drug Testing Policy (rev 2001) and NJ Attorney General Guideline 2018-2. However, law enforcement agencies have an independent obligation to undertake the drug testing of individual officers when there is reasonable suspicion to believe that the officer is illegally using drugs at any time. Officers found to using non prescribed or illicit supplements are summarily removed from law enforcement in the state of New Jersey and forfeit employment at Montclair State University.

Early Warning System Policy for Law Enforcement

The University Police Department believes that all officers that are sworn to maintain the safety of the campus community should act and perform those duties in a manner consistent with good order and acceptable standards. In compliance with NJ Attorney General Standards, the department has adopted an Early Warning System that tracks officer’s use of force, citizen complaints, absenteeism and off duty conduct related to law enforcement capabilities among other criteria. Any officer who meets a certain number of enumerated points can be assigned to an early warning system which is designed to take corrective or remedial action. The Chief of Police or designee must alert the County Prosecutor of any officer within the Early Warning System and make public statistics related to officers that are placed within the system in a 12 month period. In addition, hiring agencies must be made aware of an officer applicant if they have been placed in an Early Warning System while employed as a law enforcement officer. Any statistics related to this policy will be posted below when the situation arises.