Eco-Explorer student looking at insect guide

The Summer Eco-Institute


Beginning at a grand scale, The Biosphere and Beyond lessons focus on how the Earth and its inhabitants are subject cyclical and stochastic changes due celestial bodies, Earth’s internal structure, and the vagaries of the positions of its landmasses and water bodies. Narrowing focus, in Endless Forms, Most Beautiful and Most Complex this “canvas” is explored through the lens of biodiversity. The countless species and their interactions are detailed in order to familiarize the audience with what is at stake. Next, Creating Harmony through Sustainability provides a roadmap for the audience to see their impact on the previous subjects and change it for the better. Finally, Crystal Clear Facts about Your Water allows the audience to put their knowledge and compassion to use as they take on the role of scientist and steward to see how they can draw conclusions and use them to make a difference.



Teachers may choose to attend 1, 2, 3, or all 4 days


PRISM Center, Montclair State University
1515 Broad St., Bloomfield (NJ) 07003

In-person limit of 24 people per day! Register today to join the New Jersey Center for Water Science & Technology (NJCWST) members to discuss ecological and environmental topics.