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Social Media Feeds

The Montclair State Social Feed plugin provides a simple and efficient way for pages to display content from Twitter and Facebook.

Using the plugin gives us a couple of benefits over using the standard Twitter and Facebook widgets:

  • Faster pages. Our server takes care of retrieving data from each feed and turning it into HTML – saving time and resources for users on mobile devices.
  • Fault tolerance. Our server caches the data it retrieves, making it able to keep displaying feed data when the services have outages.
  • Mobile compatibility. The feeds are output using our site’s native styles, making them much better at adapting to mobile devices than the standard Facebook and Twitter widgets.
  • Accessibility. Since the browser only receives regular-old HTML in the end we can guarantee our social media feeds remain highly accessible for users with disabilities.

Montclair State on Twitter

Follow us on Twitter


Name Possible Values Required Notes
maxtweets a number No How many tweets to show (up to 20)
user text Yes Twitter username (without the @ sign)

Code Sample

[twitterfeed user='montclairstateu' maxtweets='5' compact='false']

Montclair State Admissions on Facebook


Name Possible Values Required Notes
columns a number No Default: 3
maxitems The maximum number of posts to show No If you have fewer than the max, it’ll display as much as is available.
pageid A facebook Page ID Yes You can retrieve your page ID from your page’s About screen

Code Sample

<h2>Montclair State Admissions on Facebook</h2>
[facebookfeed pageid="129707890918" maxitems="6" columns="3"]