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Lactation Room

Why Does Montclair State Have Lactation Rooms

Montclair State University is dedicated to ensuring that nursing mothers are aware of the available campus locations in which breast milk can be comfortably expressed. These locations, known as lactation rooms, are available to all Montclair State University students, faculty, staff or visitors on campus who need a private space to express milk. We encourage you to review the pages below to find out more information on available lactation spaces on campus and how to set up a lactation space in a new campus facility.

Who Can Use the Lactation Rooms?

The lactation rooms are open to:

  • Members of the campus community (students, faculty and staff)
  • Visitors

Where Are the Lactation Rooms?

As we seek to provide a welcoming environment for all members of the campus community and guests, we have listed some “Lactation Friendly” locations across campus:

  • Center for Clinical Services, Room 1140
  • Center for Computing and Information Services , Room 124 (Formally know as Mallory Hall)
  • College Hall, room 225
  • School of Nursing/Graduate School, Room 105
  • Overlook Corporate Center, Room 3109
  • Richardson Hall, Room 310
  • Student Center, Room 305
  • University Hall, Room 3122

Please note: You must schedule a lactation room before you are able to use a location.

Each of the lactation rooms provides private space where lactating mothers are welcome to pump or nurse. Most of these spaces are equipped with a comfortable chair, a small table and an electrical outlet. Each lactation room is operated by the building manager of the specific building. We do our best to keep this information up-to-date, but occasionally information changes without our knowledge. Please contact us with any updates at

How Do I Schedule a Lactation Room?

Most of the rooms are scheduled through 25Live. University faculty and staff can access 25Live to schedule for personal use or for use by visitors. For more information on how to schedule a room in 25Live, please view our tutorial web page.

One room, located in the Student Center, is scheduled via email to provide access for all students, as well as faculty, staff and visitors.

First Come, First Served

  • Center for Computing and Information Services , Room 124 (Formally know as Mallory Hall)

Schedule through 25Live:

  • Center for Clinical Services, Room 1140 (CCSV 1440)
  • School of Nursing/Graduate School, Room 105 (NURS 105)
  • Overlook Corporate Center, Room 3109 (OVLK 3109)
  • Richardson Hall, Room 236 (RICH 236) (Temporarily out-of-service during building renovations)

Room scheduled through email:

Room Use Expectations

Cleaning & Sanitizing

Nursing mothers are responsible for bringing their own equipment and cleaning up after each use. This is not only out of respect for the next user, but to prevent contamination and illness transmission. You should clean breast milk spills after each use and dispose of trash properly. Cleaning wipes and paper towels should be provided in each room. Please note that these products should never be used to sanitize your personal equipment.

Please respect the privacy of all Lactation Room users by knocking before access to the rooms.

Breast Milk Storage
Refrigeration/storage is not provided in the rooms, so you will need to locate an alternative location for storage or provide your own cooler with ice pack for storage purposes.


Questions? Contact The Women’s Center at