About the Faculty/Staff Profile Pages

Faculty/Staff Login:

This Montclair State University Web service is a uniform, single point-of-entry Web site for Montclair State Faculty and Staff, providing easy access for colleagues, students and others who want to contact a Montclair State faculty member or staff person, with an active NetID. The Montclair State University Faculty/Staff Profile Page enhances our ability to connect with one another, and the larger academic community.

Using any Web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) you log in to your Montclair State Profile Page using your University NetID and password. Follow the instructions and Help files to list links to other Montclair State University sites you have created, list current research related to your work at Montclair State, post your resume/vitae and other documents, list your office hours and even add a picture of yourself. (Guidelines)

The URL for your Montclair State Profile Page will be www.montclair.edu/~yournetid. For example, if your NetID is "johnsonj" then your Montclair State Profile Page URL is "www.montclair.edu/~johnsonj" Your Montclair State Profile Page also is a link under the Name category on the Montclair State Search Page. And you can list your Montclair State Profile Page URL on your business cards.