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Alina Reznitskaya

Professor, Educational Foundations

University Hall 2129
BA, University of Illinois
MAS, University of Illinois
MEd, University of Illinois
PhD, University of Illinois
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Alina Reznitskaya received her doctoral degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and did her post-doctoral research at Yale University. She teaches courses in educational psychology, quantitative research, and educational measurement. Alina’s research interests include 1) examining professional development interventions that help teachers facilitate class discussions to promote students' argumentation skills; 2) investigating the role social interaction plays in the development of argumentation skills, 2) designing measurement instruments that can effectively measure argumentation skills in speaking, reading, and writing.

Sample publications include (please see the related documents below):

Reznitskaya, A., & Wilkinson, I. A. G. (2015). Professional Development in Dialogic Teaching: Helping Teachers Promote Argument Literacy in Their Classrooms. In D. Scott, and E. Hargreaves (Eds.), Learning, Pedagogy And Assessment (pp. 219-232). London, UK: Sage Publications.

Reznitskaya, A., Gregory, M. (2013). Student thought and classroom language: Examining the mechanisms of change in dialogic teaching. Educational Psychologist, 48 (2), 114-133.

Reznitskaya, A. (2012). Dialogic teaching: Rethinking language use during literature discussions. The Reading Teacher, 65 (7).